Do Canadian Muslim Youth Rebel?

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Adjunct Professor at Carleton University (Canada)


With the rise of terrorist attacks in European countries, the topic of secondgeneration
Muslims living in the West becomes heated more than ever. Secondgeneration
Muslims are born and raised in Canada and usually have multiple
ethnic backgrounds. They need to deal with multiple identities as well as being
young, which comes with its own challenges. For the purpose of this paper,
seven in-depth interviews were conducted on young Muslim men and women.
This paper seeks to illuminate issues of Muslim youth rebellion by asking whom
they rebel against. The paper examines how and why in rare instances a form
of rebellion by Muslim youth has led to terrorism. This study shows that not all
the religious and cultural identity crises of Muslim youth leads to violence and
terrorism. The majority of Muslim youth rebellion is directed against their parents’
cultures, rather than against Western liberal values or Islam.